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Baffled water tanks are ideal for both car valeters and window cleaners. This is because of the baffle in the middle of the water tanks. The baffle is to disrupt the flow of water as the car/van is in motion.

All the baffled water tanks are fitted with either a brass ¾ ", 1" or 1 ¼ "outlet. These are ideal for connecting to a pressure washer. The water tanks also come pre-fitted with an 8" screw down lid, ideal for inspecting the tank or installing a submersible water pump.

About Baffled Water Tanks

Why should I use a Baffled Water Tank?

If you plan to transport high volumes of water in the back of your van or car, you should be using a baffled water tank. The baffle moulding into the water tanks is designed to disrupt the flow of water when transported. If the flow of water is not disrupted, the weight of the water could tip the car of van over when turning corners or while or a round-about.


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