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650 Litres Water Tank V3

650 Litres Water Tank V3

650 Litres Water Tank V3 Ref: ECO650V3BLK

Product Description

This is our ultimate slimline water tank. Made from a strong plastic called polyethylene that is weather resistant and frost resistant.

To make using our slimline water tank even easier, we pre-mould a 1" BSP outlet in to the bottom of the tank which you can attach a brass garden tap. To give you access inside the water tank we cut and attach an 8" screw down vented lid. This can be used to install a submersible water pump or suction pipe.

b>Water butt advantages:Industrial strength
Resistant against corrosion
Free from maintenance
Water butt features:
1" BSP outlet
8" Vented lid
Slimline design

650 litre water butt details
Dimensions D:570mm x W:1050mm x H:1250mm
Outlet 1" BSP
Weight 35kg
Access 9" Lid
Capacity 650 litres / 143 gal



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Water Storage Tanks > 650 Litres Water Tank V3
UK Made 650 Litres Water Tank V3

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