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1450 Litres Water Tank Litres Water Tank

1450 Litres Water Tank

1450 Litres Water Tank Ref: ECO1450WaterTank

Product Description

The 1450 Litre water tank is designed and made here on site in the UK to meet all standards for holding and storing large amounts of water. The 1450 litre water tank will give you plenty of water to maintain your garden and why not use it to how you want. You can use your water tank to just collect rainwater and feed your garden.

Ideal for domestic households, rainwater harvesting commercial, farming, agricultural, industrail and manufacturing purposes. The water tank comes fitted with a 14" or 16" screw down lid and a 1" or 2" BSP fitting located at the bottom of the tank inline with the lid. The 1600 litre water tank is fully vented for both potable and non-potable water. Also is low in height making this water tank ideal for easy filling and easy tank access for pump installation.

This is a non potable water tank therefore is not suitable for drinking water storage. Please see potable version if you require a tank for drinking water.

Water Tank Dimensions
Height 1360mm
Diameter 1240mm
Capacity 1450 Litres
Weight 45 Kg
Lid 14" or 16"

Water Tank Features

1" / 2" BSP Outlet 14" / 16" Lid Strong HDPE Corrosion Resistant No Maintenance

Ecosure Water Tank Features
Can attach Irrigation System Durable & Strong Hard Wearing & Heavy Duty Made With Extra Quality Easy Access to Water Tolerates All Weather Conditions Made In The UK Here On Site Discounts On More Than One Next Day Delivery On Request Fast Delivery  



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Water Storage Tanks > 1450 Litres Water Tank Litres Water Tank
UK Made 1450 Litres Water Tank Litres Water Tank

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